(Video) Threats Of A Mass School Shooting Keeps Over 1,000 Kids From Going To School!!


Ocala, Florida appears to be ground zero for the southern pride, Confederate flag clashes and the latest has taken the disagreement to a deadly, serious level.

Three white students brought small Confederate flags to school and were waving them during lunch which offended several black students.  A local newspaper reports “taunting” of the black students, a confrontation developed and a black female punched a classmate.  She received a citation to appear in court.  The flags also sparked a black student rally in the cafeteria and there are videos of black students shouting “black power” that were later posted online.

Then, videos and comments that appeared on social media over the weekend were threatening a mass school shooting, with the threats being serious enough for 10 police officers to be patrolling the school on Monday and for the parents of 1600 students to keep their teenagers home.  West Port High School has 2600 students.

“This past Thursday, my daughter phoned me from school during lunch while this incident was taking place. She was extremely upset and begged me to pick her up, telling me please don’t let her die there!” parent Michelle Brown posted to Facebook.

“I immediately went and got her. I wanted to speak with someone, but the office was crazy. This incident has now escalated and there has supposed been numerous threats of a mass shooting that’s supposed to take place today…,” she wrote. “We’ve seen countless posts on (Facebook) as well as (Instagram) and Twitter.”

My daughter WILL NOT be attending school tomorrow and I urge parents to use their discretion. My mind is troubled and my heart is breaking. We NEED to pray for our youth!” Brown wrote.

Ocala police Sgt. Robie Boner said “There were no credible threats”.  Well, they were credible enough for 10 police officers to be at the school and for almost 70% of the students to stay home, weren’t they?

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