(Video) Americans Are Being Warned!! Obama’s Martial Law Is Looming!!


Americans are being warned that Obama will be using the threat of ISIS in America to implement martial law, but is anyone listening?  Military equipment has been sent to local law enforcement throughout the country with little, or no, explanation.  But those who have been paying attention know the most obvious use is to turn our country into a militarized police state without having to use the U.S. military.

Ron Paul is adding his voice to Senator Chris Murphy’s and is now warning Americans that Mitch McConnell’s authorization for a “war against ISIS” is going to be the vehicle Obama uses to ultimately declare martial law in America.  Obama will be able to avoid putting our military on our streets by arming and equipping local police forces which will be supported by corrupt police unions, spineless local officials and the ever-present politically powerful defense contractors.

This makes the FEMA camps and Operation Jade Helm a whole lot more real, doesn’t it?

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