Video…Leaked Clinton Emails Expose Assassination Teams To Kill US Citizens!!!


Stew Webb ( is breaking a HUGE story concerning the Hillary Clinton top secret emails! Please share this video and his articles everywhere. The good guys at US Intelligence have told Stew Webb Hillary will ONLY be indicted if the truth goes viral and people say “Nobody is Above the Law!”

Spread this info on all social networks, email lists and to all alternative and mainstream outlets! Show the power of the people and let Justice be served! This information will not be carried by any fakes in alternative media such as Alex Jones because Jones has censored all information from Stew for over 20 years thus shielding the Clintons and Bushes from prosecution! You want to see who else is fake? Tell them to post links to the story! If they won’t do it then they serve evil because Stew has an email that can put Hillary in prison for Murder for Hire!

Stew Webb reports Hillary Clinton’s emails tie Hillary Clinton and others to murder plots on Stew Webb, Bret Landrith and several other whistleblowers! Stew Webb is named in these emails! Others are reporting these emails tie Hillary to murder plots, ISIS and terrorism bombings of an aircraft and are going to be released by the Russians in an upcoming trial! No wonder they say these emails could be damaging to national security! We need patriots to spread the word so it can’t be buried under her lies anymore!

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by Truth Warriors


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  • satin85718

    Bill Clinton did his share while in office. They’re both guilty of all kinds of evil deeds.