Video of The Joint FBI and OSP Operation, Killing Robert “LaVoy” Finicum 01/26/2016!!!


In the video below is the traffic stop showing Robert “LaVoy” Finicum being shot in the back while holding his arms up above his head. You can also see the gun fire from the trees as well as 100+shots fired at the vehicle he had been riding in.

This is a shortened and edited version of FBI footage showing the joint FBI and Oregon State Police traffic stop and OSP officer-involved shooting of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. This condensed clip was shown at an FBI press conference in Burns, Oregon on 01/28/2016. The complete raw footage is also available here:

by The Free Thought Project

YouTube Video

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  • oregonpilot

    This is an update to this story copied from Barbara Davis’s facebook page. For those of you that don’t know, Barbara Davis is Lavoy Fenicums’ sister:

    “Well, La Voy’s body is home now…I’m absolutely sickened, La Voy was shot 9 times, there will be no open casket, the FBI shot him in the face.. Right after it happened I put out a call for the serial # off of the 9mm the FBI claims he had in his pocket. The Pacific Patriots Network just sent me and email, the 9mm came back stolen 2 years ago. The FBI” planted the gun on him. Serial #54119868.

    There are several questions I have about this shooting. The video is not that clear, except now people are beginning to clear it up and slow it down and re-post it. Some of them are interesting, though without audio or body cams, no one will ever get a clear picture of what happened. One other point: La Voy Fenicum was right handed as evidenced by photos of him that showed his holstered gun, a Colt revolver or similar replica, on his right hip. If he was left handed the holster would be on his left hip or the gun in a “cross-draw” position if he had it on his right side. La Voy was also a rancher or “cowboy”, I doubt very much if he even owned a 9mm “gang bangers” gun. It would have to resemble a Colt. Also in news video, his holster and gun were shown at the compound on a table. What was he doing with a stolen 9mm in his left coat pocket, especially if he was right handed? I believe the State Police and FBI are desperately trying to control the message now.

    For those of you who don’t know what the Hammond Ranch incident was about and assume that it is only about a bunch of “domestic terrorists” taking over a government office building at the Malheur Wildlife Preserve office because Dwight Hammond and his son Steven had to report to jail, you could not be more wrong. This has been going on for years, the fight between the Environmental groups in concert with the BLM against the ranchers and landowners in Eastern Oregon. The State of Oregon, the BLM (federal government) and the environmental groups want the landowners off the land because a company “Oregon Energy LLC” aka Uranium One, wants to mine eastern Oregon for uranium. The Hammond Ranch, some 10,000 acres with another 10,000 to 20,000 leased BLM rangeland sits on top of some of it.
    Follow these links and watch the included videos for some of the information:
    And a one hour video that is interesting and has the ‘backstory’:

    • CosmicCowboy

      If he had been shot in the face he would never have moved after that. He clearly lifted his right hand. Also there would have been a spray of blood coming from the back of his head (i.e. the Kennedy murder of 1963) and that clearly would have been visible. I doubt very much that he was shot in the face and it is highly doubtful that there was a gun planted on him. I’ve heard all of these ridiculous conspiracy stories and they hold little water and the facts will come out in a court of law because in a court of law EVIDENCE is what prevails not conspiracy theories.

      La Voy was fully armed just like the rest of the criminal pack was. The court of public opinion (the majority) of Americans also are not impressed with the stupidity and ignorance that was paraded as this group held our National Wildlife refuge hostage (and still are today) for over a month. That’s just stupid and anyone who thinks he or she can get away with breaking the law are in for serious trouble. I call La Voy’s final act suicide by cop. What a tragic and sad waste of life. It sickens me. What a selfish thing to do especially when you have a wife and family who depends upon you.