Video…Economic Collapse Has Been Warned!!! Harry Dent Gives His Calculated Predictions On What Is Coming To The U.S.!!!


The Obama administration continually assures its citizens that the economy is improving all while deviously taking precautions on their end. Why is it that they are privy to such information and we are not? They hold quite conversations behind corporate boardroom doors preventing us for obtaining such information. As a result we are forced to examine the evidence around us which shouts, “Prepare! The Collapse is near!”

My friends, it is no longer a question of ‘if’ the collapse will happen but ‘when’ the collapse will happen.

In the video below Infowar’s Alex Jones interviews Harry Dent, who thus far been right on many of his predictions about the economy. They discuss the floundering global markets, China, and what he see’s happening with the US dollar. He believes we only have about a year or two left until the official collapse happens. Here is the breaking report….

By Lisa Haven

(Before It’s News)


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