(Video) Pack Of Somalians Attack, Their Punishment?? Sets A Terrifying Precedent

Rhea Page, a young white woman, was walking home with her boyfriend when she was attacked by a gang of Muslims who were screaming “Kill the White slag” and “White bitch”.  The attack was unprovoked and so vicious her boyfriend wasn’t able to do much to help her.

Rhea was hospitalized for her injuries and was traumatized to the point she lost her job working with people who had autism and learning disabilities.

The Somali Muslim girls were not charged with any type of racial crime (of course not!) but admitted to causing “ABH”, actual bodily harm, which has a max sentence of five years in jail.  You can probably guess they didn’t receive the five years.  All they received were six month, suspended sentences, and here’s the kicker, because they were DRUNK and not used to the effects of alcohol since they were practicing Muslims…

And it should be no surprise this happened in Leicester, England.

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