(Video) Shaking Walls, Rattling Windows Being Reported Throughout Southwest Florida!!


After the severe weather that produced a tornado outbreak in southwest Florida last week, people all along the west coast are on edge.  So when residents from Port Charlotte to Key West began hearing loud booms and rumbles and their homes were shaking from the ground up, news stations and police stations received an overwhelming number of emails and calls.

Zip Code: 34145
Several reports of the shaking from numerous places on Marco – First was about 10:25am, then another followed. Much longer than the double booms of the Space Shuttle returning (and it’s not scheduled yet). I’d guess a full 6 seconds the first time around. Glass sliding doors shook, my neighbors’ chandelier swung. And the sound/vibration was like a large construction vehicle shuttering as it shuts down (but lasted longer). Have friends in Naples that felt it too.

Zip Code: 34120
Was there an explosion in Collier County in the Oil Well Rd area?? At about 10:30 am today my windows started shaking and a loud boom. Any info???

Florida Keys
We are in Duck key. Yes we felt the earthquake! Just felt another one. Much bigger!

Zip Code: 34110
Was there a sonic boom an hour ago my house was shaking

Zip Code: 34108
Did we have an earthquake 10 minutes ago? Did a shuttle reenter?

Zip Code: 34104
Did Naples have a little earthquake? Just before 10:30 a.m. there was a prolonged shaking of our house — there was not a boom or any noise like a jet might make. It clearly disturbed a big flock of birds. Have others reported this — and what was it?

Fortunately, when an official explanation was finally given this afternoon, residents were thankful it was something much less critical than another natural disaster.  Fighter jets from the Homestead Air Reserve Base and the Naval Air Station at Key West doing training exercises over the Gulf and causing sonic booms.  Which, all agree, is much better than another natural disaster.

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