(Video) Boom!! Conservative & Second Amendment Die-Hard, Ted Nugent, Taking Aim At Establishment GOP!!


Few people can explain the problems in our country today like Ted Nugent and he’s dead-on, once again, with his description of the Republican Party.  Anyone who’s thinking of voting for one of the establishment GOP candidates may just change their mind after reading this.

“They’ve absolutely have dropped the ball. It’s like I told Mitt Romney, man, you can’t bring a doily to a gun fight. Come on, stand up for something. This is a culture war,” Nugent told Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg in the first of a two-part interview.  “Republicans have absolutely insulted us worse than the Democrats. You expect a Chihuahua to nibble on your ankle, you don’t expect a Rhodesian ridgeback to nibble on your ankle.

Nugent describes the government as “one big gang” with all branches, the executive, the legislative and the judicial, coming together.

“We are absolutely shattered…. I can’t tell the Crips from the Bloods here. Yes, the whole system,” he told Malzberg.

“We can’t trust our government. The triad of sheer hell in the world today in America is the government out of control, the media out of control for the most part, and academia, they’re all one big leftist gang.”


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