(Video) Grisly Cattle Mutilations Being Reported, Ranchers Being Warned!!


Sheriffs in two states are warning ranchers to be vigilant in watching their livestock due to reports of recent incidents of cattle mutilation being made.

This is the second cattle mutilation in two weeks. This one happened in McPherson County. Be vigilant and watch your herds. A $5,000 dollar reward is being offered for the arrest of whoever is responsible.”  Sheriff T. Walton

A cattle owner in Georgia found two of his cows dead.  The wounds on both were similar and didn’t look like they were from an animal attack, each having a complete circle cut out around their anal area.

Ranchers in two counties in Kansas have also reported having cows that were mutilated.  One cow had it’s eyeballs removed and the other had it’s genitals removed.

Have there been any mysterious cattle mutilations in your are?

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