Professor Who Posted Vile, Hate-Speech Rant Given This Honor, She Should’ve Been Arrested!!


This story is one of the many you won’t see the MSM reporting.  Nothing to hear or see folks, just continue on with your pitiful, lowly lives while we fundamentally change the country.  It seems a professor at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, Amanda Gailey, had a visit with Hussein Obama after his final (thank goodness) SOTU speech Wednesday night.  Ms. Gailey, who is also the director of Nebraskans Against Gun Violence,  just happens to be the author of the following Facebook rant,

F**k the society that has allowed itself to become so saturated in guns that it’s plausible a child might have one at a park.
F**k the laws that allow toy makers to make toys that look like real guns and that allow gun makers to make guns that look like toys.
F**k racists who think black children look like adults.
F**k a legal and police system that allows grown white men to pose with sniper rifles on a university campus or in a grocery store and allows insurrectionists to train guns on government agents with no consequences but sounds the alarms when a black child is carrying a toy gun.
F**k police officers who undertook a job that carries inherent risk but think any perceived threat to them whatsoever justifies instantaneous lethal force.
F**k police officers who pull up as close as possible to an alleged threat so that they can execute the person as quickly as possible without assessing the situation first.
F**k prosecutors who can indict a ham sandwich but can’t indict a cop who executed a child.
And f**k the NRA for greasing this machine every fucking day with the blood of American children.

It’s being reported that she posted an explanation for the above rant today, as if no one could figure out what she’s talking about.  So an explanation makes it acceptable?  You know if she wasn’t a liberal the DOJ would be investigating.

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