(Video) The Traitor-In-Chief’s Blatant Failure In Iraq Confirmed!!


As Hussein Obama continues to insist ISIS is “contained”, his Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, is saying something different.  Carter is telling troops that ISIS is “metastasizing” in North Africa, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Libya.  Of course, actions always speak the loudest.

It’s common knowledge that soldiers from the 101st Airborne, about 1800, will soon be deploying to Iraq to train Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and that there are about 50 American special forces troops already in Iraq.  And Carter has just announced that another 200 special forces operators are now in place in Iraq.

Increasing the number of American troops in Iraq doesn’t say “contained”, it says Obama is a complete and total failure.  And a traitor-in-chief.

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