15 Things Americans Need To Know About Obama’s Orders On Gun Control!!



This list should help clear a few things up regarding Hussein Obama’s latest attempt to infringe upon our rights.

  1. The orders stop short of requiring universal background checks.  Obama cannot unilaterally require universal background checks, I wonder if anyone told Obama this?
  2. House Speaker Paul Ryan said Obama is subverting the constitution, calling it “a dangerous level of executive overreach.”
  3. Ted Cruz responded by raffling off a gun and said as president, he’d “undo Obama’s executive orders” and strengthen our Second Amendment rights.
  4. Donald Trump would “unsign” the orders as President, saying “I will unsign that so fast.”
  5. Marco Rubio vowed to undo Obama’s orders on “day one”.
  6. The orders will reduce background check exemptions for many hobbyists and, in part, targets hobbyists who sell firearms at gun shows and online.
  7. Hobbyist exemptions are not based on sales location or numbers.  Loretta Lynch comments on this and we know anything that involves Obama’s gestapo DOJ is never to our benefit.
  8. Exemptions will be determined holistically.  What the hell does that mean??  Well, this is explained by none other than Senior Adviser herself, Valeria Jarrett.  She says the ATF will take all “facts and circumstances” of the gun seller into account when determining exemption status.  Brings to mind Lois Lerner and the IRS doesn’t it?
  9. Obama requested more money for mental healthcare.  $500 million was added to the budget which will help about five people based on how the feds spend money.
  10. The FBI’s background check system will get more staff.  230 more examiners which is an almost 50% increase.  Do they know there’s computer software that can do this?
  11. The orders will not ban large capacity magazines.  Only because they decided they didn’t have the power to do it.
  12. The orders will not ban people using the terrorist no fly list.  Because people who are clearly not terrorists are on the no fly list, which shouldn’t be too difficult to correct unless it’s being done by the feds.
  13. Obama also issued a presidential memorandum on “smart guns”.  Technology could prevent accidental gunshots and allow better tracking of lost or stolen guns.  And NOBODY believes this.
  14. The orders would not have stopped recent mass shootings.  Criminals don’t obey gun laws.
  15. The Supreme Court could stall and strike down Obama’s orders.  But will they?

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