(Video) White Female Executed By Car Load Of Black Males, Guess What The Media Is Calling It??


This is the most ridiculous and unbelievable description of a racially motivated murder that you have heard yet.  At what point will the useless media in this country start reporting these murders for what they are?

Sara Mutschlechner. a twenty year old white female college student was shot in the head and killed New Year’s morning in Denton, Texas. She was driving three friends home from a party. A car with five or six black males pulled up next to her and made undisclosed statements. Then one of them shot Sara in the head. She was a student at the University of North Texas.

The Dallas Morning News downplayed the murder as “road rage.” The most likely chain of events probably involved unwanted sexual catcalling and a negative reaction by the women. Racial hatred and misogyny are probably the motives.

Many on social media are critical of the coverage, saying that the murder would have generated national attention if the races were reversed.

The murder occurred not far from where a black male opened fire on white college students last year. A&M student Lacie LaRose was killed and two others were wounded. The gunman admitted to police that race was the motive.

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