Video…The Support ISIS Tax!!! They Are Going To Tax Us More If We Don’t Stand Up To Them!!!


The year end disapproval polls of congress and the President are rolling out. According to the latest Gallup poll 82% disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job. Real Clear Politics Congressional Job Approval is at 75.8% disapproval. Mainstream Media polls even have to accept the anger as the CNN/ORC poll racks up to 75% disapproval and CBS/NY Times is at 74%.

The Holiday season isn’t even over yet and fresh off of the heals of the treasonous led Omnibus funding of the defense department to the tune of at least $2 Billion while ignoring an enemy invasion of the United States. Meanwhile, dropping a pile of cash on the Sanctuary Cities operations being flooded with non vetted refugees, a ticking time bomb waiting to happen all paid for by your tax dollars. Is it any surprise that the career corporate politicians that have occupied the Nation’s capitol would start floating their latest bonehead idea from their arrogant bubble as if anybody in this country actually accepts it?

Now more idiotic rhetoric from the left as Democratic Senator who in addition to authorizing Obama’s unconstitutional Authorization for Use of Military Force Says the Congress from Hell should now levy a new tax on Americans to pay for military action against IS.
Thats right. The little boys and their brand new shiny toys over at the Pentagon need MORE of your tax dollars to fund another one of their blatant fake wars with an enemy they created and support. Maybe we should send our war tax dollars to Putin, as he did more damage to ISIS in 3 days then the United States did in one year.

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Despite spending billions the air campaign has failed to weaken the Islamic State, according to intelligence officials.
“We’ve seen no meaningful degradation in their numbers,” a defense official told the Associated Press. Face it you sell out ideologue suits bumbling around the District of Criminals. The numbers don’t lie. The days of wagging the dog for the assumed idiotic taxpayers you have robbed year in year out, is over.

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