(Video) Records Of 191 Million Americans Discovered, Who Controls The Database??


‘Sitting right in front of my eyes, in a strange, random database I had found on the Internet, were details that could lead anyone straight to me. How could someone with 191 million such records be so careless?’ 

Chris Vickery, a researcher and white hat hacker, says he’s discovered a database containing the information of 191 million American voters.  The information contained full name, date of birth, phone number and party affiliation back to 2000.  Vickery has not been able to identify who controls the database.  He reported this to DataBreaches.net over the weekend and is currently working with Federal Authorities.  But he won’t specify which authorities.

A)  The database is controlled by politicians at the federal level

B)  We will never know who controls this database and it’ll disappear

C)   Chris Vickery unexpectedly dies in a random, tragic accident

D)  All of the above

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