Video…Buy Her Jewelry!!! Get A Real ‘Bang’ For Your Buck: Free Gun Giveaway At Florida Jewelry Store!!!


The sale has been so successful, the stores plan to offer a similar deal in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.

One jeweler store in Florida has made a break from traditional promotions to shoot ahead of the competition. He offered the customers free shotguns together with specific jewelry purchases in his store. Wow-effect guaranteed… 

Buy a piece of jewelry between $625 and $5500 and get a free 12-gauge shotgun. “Get something for your wife, you get a shotgun for free.  A little incentive to buy some jewelry for their wives,”

Normally precious gems and firearms don’t mix, but according to jewelry shop owner Jessie Czerok, the promotion has a record number of customers taking aim.

“We are doing everything you legally have to do to purchase a firearm.  So, these are not just going on the street to anybody,”

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