(Video) Real-Life Rambo Was A “Most Wanted Terrorist”, His Supporters Will Disgust You!!


Days after IS moved against Mosul, June 9, 2014, Iraqi news outlets and other Arab media organizations honed in on Abu Azrael, depicting him as a fierce fighter battling IS. He sports a short beard, dresses in black and is often armed to the teeth. There have been dozens of videos uploaded to YouTube about the battles in which Abu Azrael has fought alongside the Iraqi security forces and volunteer fighters in Tikrit.

Iraq’s Daesh killing, action hero belongs to a Shiite Militia that was trained in Lebanon, with Hezbollah, and in Iran.  His militia is backed by Iran and Abu Azrael used to be on the United States’ most wanted terrorist list because he was fighting against Americans.  Now that ISIS has claimed areas of Iraq that so many Americans fought and died for, Azrael and his militia are now also being supported by the U.S.  Is it any wonder our allies don’t trust us?





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