(Video) Another Overpaid Athlete Becomes A Member Of The Infamous “Victim Club”


Where would America be without it’s very talented but highly overpaid, and not too smart, professional athletes?  New York Knicks star, Derrick Williams, has become a member of this infamous club.  After something like this happens to you, and is the result of really crappy decisions, wouldn’t you almost be too embarrassed to go to the cops?

Williams had been out celebrating his team’s win over the Philadelphia 76ers the previous night when he decided to keep the party going in the early morning hours back at his apartment.  The New York Post previously reported that those invited back with Williams were friends with the basketball player, with the exception of the two women suspected in the robbery.

As everyone else partied at the playboy’s pad, the two women allegedly did some snooping and found a Louis Vuitton case with close to a million dollars worth of jewelry that they then stole.  They allegedly made off with Rolexes, chains and other blinged-out baubles, though it is unclear how they managed to sneak out unnoticed given how small the purses are that both women can be seen carrying in the surveillance footage just hours before.


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