(Video) ISIS Beheads 10 Men, Who They Are Will Shock You!!


We all know ISIS fighters are basically a bunch of cowards who use women and children as shields and IEDs instead of actually engaging their enemy in battle.  They attempt to practice psychological terrorism against the world and now they are trying to use it on their own people.

10 Daesh fighters, six Syrian nationals and four western jihadi fighters, were beheaded after being “convicted” of high treason for abandoning their posts.  It seems this has become a big problem for Daesh in northern Iraq.  If they are killed by a woman, they can’t go to Heaven and the Kurds have all female units fighting in Kurdish areas in Iraq and Syria.  The beheadings were done in Mosul in front of other cowardly, Daesh fighters.

Which makes no sense because it’s still better to be beheaded by a man than killed by a woman, right??

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  • mllacey

    Of course they wont fight if they dont vastly out number a victim. They are much like blacks in that respect. COWARDS