BREAKING: Five states REMOVE Trump from GOP Primary Ballot!!! Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, And Florida!!!



BREAKING: Christian Times Newspaper has learned that Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, and Florida have all REMOVED Trump’s name from their state’s upcoming Republican primaries!

It looks like the establishment is at it again. It what could prove to be a blow to ‘s chances at becoming President in the 2016 Presidential election. Election judges in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, and Florida have notified the Trump camp that his candidacy is invalid in these states.

Trumps camp will have until February 1st to get this straightened up.

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From WMUR:

A former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party says Donald Trump should not be on the Republican presidential primary ballot on Feb. 9 because the GOP front runner has not proven he is a registered Republican and has expressed views “inconsistent” with the state and national party’s platform and by laws.

Fergus Cullen, who chaired the NHGOP in 2007 and 2008, filed a complaint on Monday with the state Ballot Law Commission, which will take up the matter, along with three other complaints focused on other candidates, beginning Tuesday morning.

According to the Christian Times Newspaper’s sources in Iowa, election officials moved to strike Trump’s name from the Hawkeye State’s ballot after his most recent comments about Hillary Clinton at last Saturday night’s Democratic debate.

“Precedent has shown that we can remove non-Republicans from the ballot if we feel that he or she is not best representing the party,” the source told us.  “Donald Trump is not a Republican, and he certainly is not best representing the party, so it is time for the party to act.”

It is unclear whether Trump’s removal from these ballots is motivated by the Republican National Committee in D.C, who would much rather see Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio receive the nomination, but the fact that Trump was removed from these ballots in the SAME DAY speaks volumes.

Christian Times Newspaper is told that the Trump campaign should be launching a legal defense to reinstate his name on the ballot.

Stay tuned.  This story is developing.

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  • singer23

    BULL CRAP! If they do this, Hillary will win the next Presidential election and the Republican Party is finished, hold on, America is finished!

  • margo1942

    there will be war over these people that think that usa citizens can’t think for themselves . i assume we can write his name in . the hell with the republican party or these people who think they can get away with this. this country is coming 3 RD world crap whole because of rhino’s and demo’s. stand up americans and show them we do our own voting.

  • user13413


  • Mike Davis

    Its what the Establishment does to people who do not submit to their plans for the USA., Both parties do it. They control who is Allowed to run. That is why an outsider is required. It Must happen. You have Fiorina, Carson, Cruz and Trump as the outsiders. If they show the power to win from the people, the Establishment will try to trample them. WE The People Must rise and stop the establishment party people and elect an Outsider that puts the USA back in Order according to the constitution.