Video…Is Hillary Clinton On An Alcohol Binge, Now Drunk 24/7???


It seems Hillary Clinton is drunk 24/7 these days as it is harder to find her in a sober moment on TV or at a political gathering. While disappearing for some 45 minutes during the last Democrat debate, supposedly for a bathroom break where she did not want to use the public toilet and had to go elsewhere, according to her. It would seem like she simply needed to disappear for a good portion of the debate, it is the reason why we should be interested in.

Hillary’s recent drunken escapades in public, during interviews, and more than likely the reason she disappeared from the debates to have a drink, is an indication the pressure from her dirty dealings with her husband Bill during the 1990′s, the act of committing treason in Benghazi by running guns to Al Qaeda cells in Syria who are now known as ISIS, and being directly responsible for the death of 4 people including US Ambassador to Libya at the time, J. Christopher Stevens is getting too much for her to handle. The Benghazi investigations by Trey Gowdy and the new revelations of her treason being brought to light are also is a big factor in her alcoholism.

by Tony R. Elliott

(Before It’s News)


YouTube Video by George Slim

  • Rick Lee

    CNN, Fox News, RT and Al-Jazeera should be reporting this. The world deserves to know, even American voters for that matter.

  • Kss

    we should all demand alcohol and drug screens on all candidates, she can’t manage her email, how is she going to manage the Country? retire hellary, you are the problem, not the solution! I don’t need my President to be squeeky clean, we need a rough and tumble President, enough of these career politicians.