(Video) Breaking!! Nato Soldiers, Including American Troops, Killed In Suicide Attack


A Nato spokesman said a Taliban suicide attack happened at about 1:30 p.m. local time in the vicinity of Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, the biggest U.S. military facility in that country.  The nationalities of those killed were not given.

Six Nato soldiers have been killed and three injured in a Taliban suicide attack near Bagram airbase in Afghanistan that coincided with a fierce militant offensive to capture a key district in the country’s south.  Several of the dead were reported to be US soldiers, according to unnamed US officials cited by the Reuters and Associated Press news agencies.

Local Afghan officials said a suicide bomber on a motorbike attacked a joint US-Afghan patrol as they were patrolling on foot through the village of Bajawryan. A member of the provincial council said a similar suicide attack against foreign soldiers based at Bagram about two months ago had failed to cause any casualties.

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