Video…Las Vegas Strip: Car Hits Multiple People On The Boulevard Near Miss Universe Event, There Are Up To 27 Victims!!!


‘Major Accident’ Reports: Police close Las Vegas Boulevard after car plows into crowd, injures more than 20. LAS VEGAS — There are reports of some kind of incident involving numerous victims on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday night, and police have reportedly closed Las Vegas Boulevard near Planet Hollywood.

CNN’s Steve Brusk reports details are scarce but that police have closed Las Vegas Boulevard near Paris Hotel and Planet Hollywood. He later stated police are calling the event a “major accident” and stated the Las Vegas Review Journal reports a car drove through a crowd of pedestrians and injured more than 20 people. Brusk later tweeted that Nevada Highway Patrol tells the CNN News desk that a vehicle has “run down as many as 20 pedestrians in front of the Paris Hotel.” KTNV Reporter Jacqui Heinrich states police tell her that 33 people were taken to hospitals after a driver hit a group on the Las Vegas Strip.
Ricardo Torres, a reporter with the Review Journal, tweeted several photos and reports that “dozens” of people were in the crowd the vehicle “plowed” into in front of Planet Hollywood.
Heinrich stated earlier there are reports that multiple people were hit by a car on the Las Vegas Strip and that there are also unconfirmed reports of a shooting inside Planet Hollywood, however she stated police sources tell her that no shots have been fired. Heinrich, citing a police source, also reports the driver who allegedly hit numerous pedestrians is in custody.

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