BREAKING: 17 Black Thugs Arrested for Burning White Girl Alive…The MSM Is SILENT

black thugs burn white girl

Here’s a story of one of the most heinous crimes you will ever hear of in your life, though the mainstream media is doing its politically correct best to make sure you never hear it, and is it any surprise that it’s because of the skin tone of the victim and the criminals? Nah, we didn’t think so either.

The actual murder of beautiful, 19 year old Jessica Chambers took place a little more than  a year ago, which makes it even MORE amazing that you’ve not heard of this story before, right? Finally, a year later, Chambers’ family and friends are beginning to see what we hope turns out to be justice as 17 men associated with the most criminal of street gangs in Mississippi, the state where the incident occurred, have been arrested. According to media outlet Clash Daily, the men arrested for this murder are:

Lyndon Mosely, Jr., 24
Edward House, 39
Joshua Cannon, 25
Anand Vijay Shegog, 39
Mondarious Armstead, 23
Gregory B. Andrews, 22
D’Irian Case, 18
Janicholas Vankeith Scott, 34
James Mosely, Jr., 26
George Todd, 23
Dedrick Ivery, 39
Antonio Johnson, 28​
Xavier Hooks, 25
Kevin Windfield, 37
Elgin Lamar, 38
Deon Smith, 20
Stanley Coleman, 40

Allegedly, last year, while Jessica was getting gas at a gas station in Courtland, Mississippi, the men doused the young woman with gasoline and lit her on fire. They did so due to some ongoing dispute between the girl and one of the men’s girlfriends.

No doubt the media and the liberal court system will paint the picture of these men being the victims due to fatherless upbringings, socio-economic status, and we’re sure, suffering from the affects of racism their whole lives, but hopefully, in the end, justice will prevail and they will never see the light of day outside of a jail cell again!

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