Shocking Results For Facebook’s Top 10 Most Discussed Topics!! Were You A Part Of These Discussions??


Whether it’s a celebrity, political event, scandal or an attack that starts conversations, Facebook and Twitter normally become the hub of developing news stories where people give their opinions and decide which events and conversations will be the talk of the day.

Facebook just released it’s top 10 list of Most Discussed Topics for 2015 and the results are surprising.  In most of the previous years pop culture made up much of the list and “events” being discussed weren’t really events.  In 2013, Miley Cyrus, the Super Bowl and the arrival of the Royal baby were trending but now, it seems, the population has started to wake up.  People have actually started paying attention to, and discussing, the important events and situations impacting our Country, and our world.

2015 Top 10 List                                                          2014 Top 10 List      

2016 United States presidential election                     World Cup

The Nov. 13 attacks in Paris                                            Ebola virus outbreak

Syrian war and refugee crisis                                         Elections in Brazil

Nepal earthquakes                                                            Robin Williams

Greek debt crisis                                                                Ice bucket challenge

Marriage equality                                                              Conflict in Gaza

Fight against the Islamic State group                            Malaysia Airlines

Charlie Hebdo attack                                                        Super Bowl

Baltimore protests                                                             Michael Brown/Ferguson

Charleston shooting/Confederate flag                           Sochi Winter Olympics

Quite a change from 2014 to 2015 isn’t there?

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