“Significant” Cache Of Explosives Found In Missouri, This Can NOT Be Coincidence!!


Missouri appears to be the current ground zero for suspicious events that could indicate a terrorist attack.  Untraceable cell phone purchases, propane tanks stolen and yesterday the above photo of a man, possibly middle eastern, was found on a trail cam in Missouri.

What hasn’t been included with all the reports of the past week is that a huge cache of explosives was found in Missouri this past October and the location they were found could further support the suspicion that a terrorist attack is being planned.  The explosives were found near Waynesville, Missouri which is 30 miles northeast of Lebanon, (where the first bulk purchase of cell phones was reported).  They were found in the Mark Twain National Forest which, what most people don’t know, is also the location of Fort Leonard Wood.

Is an attack being planned for Fort Leonard Wood or St. Louis or possibly the very vulnerable lock and dam system on the upper Mississippi River?  Or will any of the several area bridges be targeted.  People need to stay alert and hope that the appropriate agencies are doing their job.

WAYNESVILLE, Mo. –  Pulaski County sheriff’s department investigators are trying to find who left explosives in the Mark Twain National Forest. A hunter found them early Saturday.  The hunter is an Army combat engineer from Fort Leonard Wood. He recognized his discovery as explosives and immediately reported it to the sheriff’s department.

“The first shock went off just like ba-boom! Rocked my house. And then about another 15 seconds later baboom! It was even worse than the first one, rattled the windows and stuff in my house,” said Eugene Davis, who lives near the discovery.

On Missouri 17, south of Waynesville just inside the national forest, there’s a little dirt path used by hunters and campers. In a clearing just a few hundred feet from the highway, a hunter found a box containing a significant amount of explosives.

A bomb squad from Fort Wood used a robot and found commercial explosives and decided it could not be moved and had to be detonated there. The sheriff’s office warned neighbors in the area and, about 15 minutes later, two large explosions rattled windows in the area and left two craters each about two feet across. Leaves were blown off trees and the explosion set a small brush fire that was quickly put out by firefighters.

“Given how volatile it was, I’m glad that he found it. Kids ride their bicycles down there; other hunters go down that path; and it’s getting on deer season. It would have been loaded with people down there so we’re pretty grateful,” said Pulaski County Sheriff’s Sgt. Eric Dean.

An investigation continues into who put the explosive there as it is a state and federal offense to be in possession of those kinds of explosives, which can not be purchased easily.

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