(Video) Righteous, Liberal Federal Judge Describes Home Invaders, It’ll Infuriate Obama And Lynch!!


This is one of those moments when karma finally makes a full circle and kicks the butt of a liberal who really deserves it.  This is liberal hypocrisy at it’s best.

The location is an $8 million dollar home near Cincinnati in an area where your closest neighbor is a mile away.  Three armed black men break into the mansion and begin assaulting the owners, the husband being 79 years old.  The wife manages to escape and runs to a neighbor’s house to call 911.  In the 911 call, the woman states, “There’s 3 black men with guns at our house”.

Not too news worthy until you find out the wife is Federal Judge Susan Dlott who wrote a book in 2002 and became a national heroine of the movement to define and outlaw racial profiling after the Cincinnati riots.  Remember them, thousands of black people rioted for four days after a police shooting of a black man?  And her husband is a wealthy, trial layer who is a lifetime board member of the NAACP.  If a case involved alleged discrimination, attorneys wanted to be in her courtroom.

The tape of the 911 call is priceless, hearing a woman who has spent more than a decade fighting white racists who discriminate against black victims describe her home invaders as being black, not age, height, weight, clothing, facial hair but “3 black men”.  I hope the dogs are okay.

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