Terror Fear In Missouri!! Almost 100 Of These Items Stolen As “Immigrants” Are Buying Cell Phones, FBI Investigating!!


Earlier this week we learned that Muslim men had made a large purchase of cell phones from the Lebanon, Missouri WalMart and that local law enforcement questioned these men, then notified the FBI.  Now we are finding out that Muslim men have gone to four WalMarts, early in the morning, and bought large quantities of the disposable, untraceable cell phones.  And if that isn’t bad enough, wait until you hear what else has been happening in Missouri.

Now it’s being reported that there’s been a string of thefts of propane tanks that began the end of November.  The first place hit was a BP gas station in Kansas City, 18-20 full tanks were stolen out of the cage.  On the same night, about 20 full tanks were stolen from a CVS.  A couple weeks later, another CVS was hit and 28 full propane tanks were stolen.

Residents are extremely concerned about a possible terror attack and are on high alert, which is understandable.  A 20 lb. propane tank exploding can do some serious damage and a cell phone could be used to ignite it.

While the FBI is investigating, they haven’t commented specifically on the cell phone purchases or propane tank thefts but have issued a warning to the public, If you see something, say something.

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CONTENT WARNING:  Do not try to re-create this video at home.  This is extremely dangerous and can cause severe injury or death.

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