“Immigrants” At Missouri WalMart Buy Terrifying Amount Of ONE Item, Local Police Notify FBI!!


An unusual purchase of a large quantity of one concerning item at a rural WalMart in Missouri put employees on edge early last Saturday morning.  The store, located in the small town of Lebanon, just doesn’t see this type of large purchase, of this particular item, so a call was made to the local police.

Store management wasn’t afraid of being accused of profiling.  The purchase of 60 disposable cell phones was being made at an odd hour and the buyers were new to the area.  Specifically, they were middle eastern, Muslim men who were part of the “refugee” program (so struggling immigrants have enough money to buy 60 cell phones at WalMart?).

Officers did arrive before the men left the store with their large number of throwaway, untraceable cell phones and did detain them for questioning.  The suspects were later allowed to leave with their purchase since there wasn’t any legal reason to arrest them.  Laclede County sheriff Wayne Merritt said that what’s concerning about these phones is that they are untraceable. They can be used for communicating with other terrorists and can easily be rigged to remotely detonate explosive devices.

The local police department did inform the FBI of this strange event and hopefully, they are taking this seriously.  We can be thankful these WalMart employees and management took this seriously and regardless of the outcome, these men are now on law enforcement’s radar.

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  • Mike Davis

    Right there on the radar. They are in your neighborhood getting ready for Jihad day. Good Luck MO. Those phones don’t call overseas so who are they calling?

  • Shad Willoughby

    They are most certainly not un-traceable. The only difference is there is no name attached to the device.