10 Hot And Sexy Celebrities That Used To Be Ugly!!!

taylor swift puberty

These ten celebrities are proof that puberty, if done right, works!

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These 10 celebrities that used to be ugly are now hot and sexy. If you were picked on as a kid, do not fear, so were these future celebrties…

Check out these amazing transformations. From ugly duckling to beautiful swan, these ugly celebrities have truly blossomed.
Taylor Swift Then and Now #1

Megan Fox Then and Now #2

Lil John Then and Now #3

Rashida Jones Then and Now #4

Avril Lavigne Then and Now #5

Matthew Lewis Then and Now #6

George Clooney Then and Now #7

Zac Efron Then and Now #8

Ryan Seacrest Then and Now #9

Victoria Beckham Then and Now #10

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