(Video) The Beautiful Women Of Syria ISIS Doesn’t Want You To See!!


It’s easy to think that Syria is just a third world, war-torn country with no hope of ever being part of the current century because that’s all we ever see in the media.  But, believe it or not, many areas of Syria are modern and there’s a lifestyle similar to our own.  Latakia is located on the coast and ISIS and the war haven’t yet arrived.

Latakia Fashion Week has been underway in the city of Latakia on the Syrian coast and has been attended by some of Syria’s best models and designers.  This is the modern Syria that the jihadis and religious-fascists want to destroy so as to create a drab world devoid of any culture and in which women are banned from leaving home without a burka/niqab, working or doing anything without the permission of a husband or male guardian.  Naturally the women of Syria value their freedom and are grateful for the efforts of the SAA, NDF and President Assad in keeping the terrorists and extremists at bay.

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