(Video) Parents Show School District That Liberal Ideology Will NOT Be Taught To Their 6-Year-Olds!!


The Liberty Counsel letter charges the announcement to parents “appears designed to catch parents off-guard, to prevent them from opting their children out of this reading and subsequent discussion.”

The book was to be read to first graders, which would largely include six-year-olds, “under the guise of ‘anti-bullying, ‘diversity’, and building a ‘safe and nurturing environment,’” according to the Liberty Counsel letter. 

The Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin school board had invited transgender activists to read the book “I am Jazz” that was written by a transgender person.  Parents, who were furious they’d been given no warning, contacted the Liberty Counsel who was able to stop the reading with an email warning that “continuing forward with their plans would open them up to a wave of litigation such as they’d never seen before”.

It’s really beyond belief that anyone on the school board would think this was an appropriate subject to be taught in our public schools, not to mention being taught to first graders.  Other groups did proceed with the book reading but not in the schools, which is exactly how it should be.

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