Hillary Tells Obama To ‘Call Off FBI’ Or She Will Reveal His True Kenyan Birth Certificate!!!


Hillary Clinton might finally expose the facts about President Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate. She is also threatening to expose Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate is bogus as well as his college transcripts reflecting that he attended different colleges as a foreign national.

During a heated exchange between President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton a fierce exchange of words ignited a fire between the two Democratic politicians.

According to an unnamed White House intern, the former Secretary of State demanded that Obama “call off the FBI!”, while Obama demanded Clinton “Terminate her Presidential campaign”.


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Posted By: News Desk

  • [email protected]

    I’m am not a fan of either, but I think this is made up. I do not believe this.

    • ed

      I don’t know if it’s made up either but I will bet there are a lot of skeletons in both closets that will surface if either one of them goes after the other.

  • Julian B Duron

    This unholy alliance between has always been about Self Preservation! Either one of these TRAITORS to AMERICA falls the other will fall also!

  • William C Draddy Jr.

    i beleive hillary clinton over obama plus i think obamas birth certificate are fake

  • D.l. Hannah

    Is it to late to find the fly on the wall…

  • Austin Perry

    I hope whoever is the next President is th
    at they find out the truth about his birth place. Because if he was born in Africa everything he has done would be declaired illegal.

  • M!$F!†B!GW!G

    They’re both treasonous liberal loon douche bags that should be locked up in federal prison along with holder and obama’s racist wife

  • oldsky

    If it’s real, let them go at it. Her exposing Obama will only make valid what many already suspect while at the same time cut her own throat. Who could back her after they realize she was in possession of this information from the beginning yet allowed it to continue by her silence.

  • Scooter Tramp

    I’m tired of this shit. Charge ovomit as a traitor already!

  • Mike Doe

    are there any real news websites that can confirm this or is it only the click to read pages that are saying this???

  • Daniel Jackson

    I would like to see this happen, but seriously this story has no substantiation. I think this is a mere wishful thinking headline to get clicks and viewers to this site. Really now you do not have any Wikileaks to support this and so this is hearsay. In other words give us the proof before you publish something.

  • Dutchgirl242

    Yea Hillary…Tell us something we DON’T ALREADY KNOW!

  • cornfield

    The first time I have believed anything from her. There has never been a doubt in my mind about him. Soros had to have spent millions to hide his past so strongly. There isn’t a person alive whose past could be so hidden without huge amounts of money.

  • cornfield

    Maybe when Comey is gone, someone with some guts will find out the truth. But not until then. Probably has some age also, who is not afraid to die.