(Video) FBI Involved In A New Black Friday Record!!


Black Friday, two words that cause anxiety attacks in non-shoppers.  Masses of people, waiting in line, breaking down doors and fighting each other for deals on things they don’t really need.  It’s also become an indicator of our economy and reports are that Black Friday 2015 was a let-down for retailers.  But one record was set this year.

When you think of Black Friday, you don’t normally think of the FBI being involved but this year, again, they were involved in a new record being set.  The FBI’s chief of multimedia productions, Stephen Fischer, said there was an approximate 5% increase in firearms background check requests on Black Friday 2015 shattering the old record of 175,754 that they received last year on Black Friday.  This year 185,345, about two a second, were received making it the second year in a row gun sales have set a record on Black Friday!

Now that’s some Black Friday shopping even non-shoppers can appreciate!

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