(Videos) Obama’s ISIS Oil Scandal Continues To Grow, Impeachment Inevitable??


In the end, this is the kind of scandal that could potentially bring down the Obama administration, leaders in Congress, and many among the top brass in the U.S. military.

The Russian military has now produced evidence, which includes photos taken by satellite and during aerial recon missions, that ISIS oil is being “smuggled” into Turkey.  The Turkish government could not have known thousands of trucks carrying ISIS oil was moving through their border checkpoints.  And, what did Obama know and when did he know this?

The Russians are also claiming to know where this oil ends up:

“The western route goes to Turkish ports on the Mediterranean coast, the north—to the refinery Batman in Turkey and the east—to the largest transshipment base in the village of Cizre,” the Russian Ministery of Defense web page states.

Oil from fields near the Syrian city of Raqqa—said to be the capital city of the Islamic State—is transported at night through the border town of Azaz, Syria and Reyhanli, Turkey to the port of Iskenderun and Dörtyol where the stolen oil is loaded on tankers.

The Russians claim the convoys are under the control of al-Nusra, the terror group funded by the Gulf Emirates and that cooperates with the Islamic State and supposed moderates in the Free Syrian Army.

Isn’t it suspicious how this information began to surface on Tuesday, just when the latest mass shootings took place in San Bernardino?

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