Video’s (GIF’s)…Here Are 16 Fascinating GIF’s That Will Help Teach You About The World All Around Us!!!


We’ve put together 16 Graphic Interchange Format or GIF’s that will teach you about the world around you.

1. How people collect lava

YouTube #1

2. How refraction works.

YouTube #2

3. How puffer fish deflate themselves.

YouTube #3

4. How doll eyes are put in.

Imgur #4

5. How camouflage helmets are painted.

Sploid #5

6. How pelicans eat. #6

7. What happens when you flush the toilet.

Flow 3D #7

8. How a VCR works.

YouTube #8

9. How the Pythagorean theorem works.

Stack Exchange #9

10. How they get them super shots for the big screen.

fstoplounge #10

11. How a woman’s body adapts during pregnancy.

msichicago #11

12. What movies and TV Series look like before CGI.

YouTube #12

13. How the world looks to someone who’s colour blind.

IFL Science #13

14. How waffle fries are made.

YouTube #14

15. What swallowing looks like on the inside.

YouTube #15

16. A simulation of how a self driving intersection would work.

YouTube #16



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