(Video) Putin Ignores Turkey’s Warning, The Game Has Now Changed!!


Turkey really screwed up this time.  The well known Syria-ISIS-Turkey oil train is being vaporized by Russian bombers and Turkey can’t send air support for the “moderate” rebels with Russia’s S-400 on stand-by.  And Russia is now providing direct air support to an anti-Turkey group that may push the Turkish-backed forces out of Syria.  Was it really worth shooting down that Russian jet, Mr. Erdogan?

Russia has now allied with the Syrian Kurdish Forces (YPG), who Turkey has labeled as terrorists.  The YPG are considered a highly skilled and competent force fighting ISIS in Syria.  The U.S. was giving the YPG limited support but didn’t want to upset Erdogan.  Apparently, someone forgot to tell Erdogan before he shot down the fighter jet, that Putin just wouldn’t give a crap.

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