(Video) “Adorable Drug Kingpin” Arrested, You Won’t BELIEVE Who Her Father Is!!


Sarah Furay gained national attention after she grinned for her mugshot following her arrest by College Station officers earlier this month who discovered packaging materials, two digital scales and a handwritten drug price list in her bedroom.

Well, this IS going to be a high profile case, she may as well look her best for her mugshot since it’ll live in infamy forever.

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  • Marilyn Wengert

    I am concerned that we believe the terrorists get their support from oil.
    They also get funneled money from heroin,
    which is grown in Afganistan, and our government is partly responsible for getting it into the states.
    If you do your research you will discover that the Rothchild family were involved in illegal arms purchases as well as underworld drug deals.
    Why do you think so many folks are being prescribed OxyContin rather than Tylenol with codine after minor surgeries? Because big pharma/ELITISTS are behind it all , hoping to get people addicted, hence illegal opiate sales,
    In closing, remember this, these drugs are coming into our ports. Southern NJ has the purest heroin in the nation, hello, port of Camden. Hmmmmm, you connect the dots!!!

    • Marilyn Wengert