Video…The Elite Is Preparing For Something Really Big: As Soros Sells Stock Shares Worth Millions Of Dollars!!! Most Way Below Value And Buys Gold Instead!!!


Soros and ‘Association’ cause financial chaos to create a single bank, the army and the government.Great consternation in the US has caused the discovery of the mass concentration camps and surrounded by several rows of barbed wire and built in all parts of the United States. These camps can accommodate millions of people, which makes it very unlikely that theses were built for the reception of a few thousand illegal immigrants.

‘Why are billionaires George Soros and John Paulson selling off stock for a massive loss and buying gold in it place?’ Why is so much of the ammunition being bought up by the Elite?

It was recently discovered that the American social services to bought 174,000 ammunition cartridges. Why in the world would social workers need 174,000 bullets? Better be ready when it hits the fan.


Here is George Soros take on the Future of Europe!

 By. MyDailyInformer

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