Video…Top Official Shot In The Heart, NYC Catastrophe, Massive East Coast Quake, and Unprecedented Riots In Chicago-All Coming To America???


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In August 2015 Brian Carn, a prophecy minister whose show is aired on Daystar Television Network, shared a prophetic warning about catastrophe coming to New York City, a top government official getting shot in the heart, riots coming to Chicago, and  more! Here is an excerpt of what he had to say about Chicago riots:

“Pay attention next month. For there shall a riot arise out of Chicago that shall spread to Indiana, and it will make Baltimore and Missouri riots look like nothing. When you see this, look up. Your redemption draweth nigh. But trust Me. Call upon Me, and you will see My hand move.”

Here is the video which reveals what he says about Chicago, as well as the other events he believes God showed him are coming soon to the USA:

                                                                                   FEATURE VIDEO

In his presentation, he does not identify exactly when the riots will take place, but the time in which we need to start paying attention, which according to him, is within a month (from August when he originally issued the prophetic warning).

Interestingly enough, an incident that might ignite a riot has already been making news in Chicago during the past year while it has been moving through the judicial system. After an order by a Chicago judge was issued requiring the Chicago police to publicly release the dashcam footage showing the shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, officials fear it has now reached a point where it could very well start this week.


Watch the entire video above so that you will see all of the events this minister is prophesying. I don’t know if they will all happen or not, however, I am putting this out there for you so that you will be informed and so that you can pray.  Obviously, the Chicago prophesy appears to be coming to fruition. So maybe we should at least pay attention to the rest of what he says.

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