(Video) Obama Foreign Policy, The Turkey Version!!


Oh ya, as more information is coming out, Turkey shooting down the Russian jet has “Obama foreign policy” written all over it.  Turkey appears to be making excuses and trying to gather sympathy from whoever is willing to believe their version of events.

The Turkish President said in an interview Thursday “if we had known if it was a Russian plane maybe we would have warned it differently”.  Or maybe they would have warned it, period?  He also said that he called Putin but the call had gone unanswered.  Now that’s something to be surprised about, wtf did he expect?

Russia has started economic and humanitarian sanctions against Turkey which will have a significant impact on the $30 billion dollars in trade ties.  Russian police are seizing Turkish products and deporting Turkish businessmen.  39 Turkish businessmen on tourist visas have been detained.  It’s also being reported that Russian airstrikes targeted a aid vehicles in a border town that is a lifeline for Syrian rebels, although Turkey hasn’t confirmed this.

What did they think was going to happen?

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