Girl Warns What ISIS NEEDS To Fear In U.S., It Has People Yelling ‘Murica! [Vid]

Emily muslim video

Emily Longworth is a U.S. Army veteran! Not just that, but she is Airborne! Hoo-ahh! She’s qualified to speak out against the evils of Islam and their terror, because she suited up and showed up to protect and defend, being part of the less than one half of one percent of Americans to EVER do so! She has a VERY pointed messaged for the goat humpers of Islam in this video. Caution, it contains adult language at the end, but it’s language we would all consider appropriate in this matter.

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  • Mike M.

    Thank you from one Veteran to another! And ISIS, you will feel the hot lead streaming through your body as we American’s WIN in the name of America and that of JESUS CHRIST!!! Let nothing stop you PIGS, but fear and common sense. We will prevail !!!!

  • Gregory H Velders

    AMEN , and you are right on ALL fronts , Semper Fi and Unite once again USMC Brothers Unite with all in these United States that will take the Oath to Defend !!!!! God will be with ALL OF US !!

  • Sandra Dillon

    Heck yeah you tell them little Lady,I stand with you and your Dad. Nice quote Dad.

  • Robin Knott

    Amen!!!!! GOD Bless America!!!! Screw musloons!!!!! Like she said……FUCK YOU!!!!

  • Theresa Cooper

    Good job little sister. Let them come, In America they will run screaming from the crazy that will be unleashed on them, and that’s just the women and toddlers, then the men will come out to fight too! LOL