(Video) “Angel Of The North”, Mega Spaceship Caught On Film!!


Images from NASA’s specialist telescopic cameras, which were being used to monitor solar activity, have captured an image of what looks like an alien spaceship.  Human technology wouldn’t be able to fly this close to the sun and the theory of “malformed pixels’  doesn’t explain the unusual shape of the object.

Believers, including Scott C. Waring, say the spaceship is of alien origin.  Waring says “It’s a very simplistic design and what one would expect a larger UFO to have.  The body of the ship looks very white but that’s only because the heat of the sun is making it very hot, thus it shows up white.”

Others add it’s about the size of a planet, is a mega mother ship refueling and looks like “The Angel Of The North” a famous Tyne and Wear landmark.

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