(Video) Friend Still Insists Oswald Did NOT Shoot Kennedy, Adds Support Mob Hitman Was Assassin!!


Sunday is the 52nd anniversary of the Kennedy assassination and as each year passes, the evidence pointing to a conspiracy stays strong.  As the prison release date of James Files, the Mafia hitman who claims to have been the shooter who killed Kennedy, also approaches, witnesses from that day continue to tell their stories.  And most conflict with the scenario given by a corrupt government to a naive and gullible American public.

Buell Frazier, Oswald’s friend and co-worker who drove him to the book depository that day, continues to insist the package Oswald was carrying wasn’t long enough to be the murder weapon and Oswald didn’t have the personality to be the killer, that he was a patsy.  Frazier’s story hasn’t changed in 52 years.

More than 50 years on from that fateful day in Dallas, Texas, Buell remains convinced that Oswald didn’t act alone in the shooting heard round the world.  And he partly supports a claim recently made by a former Mafia hitman who said that it was he, and not Oswald, fired the fatal shot that killed Kennedy.

James Files said he was on the Grassy Knoll and fired the bullet that ultimately killed the President as his motorcade sped through downtown Dallas 52 years ago.

‘Not for one minute do I think Lee was on his own,’ Buell told Daily Mail Online.  ‘There were other people involved. It was a conspiracy to kill the President. The President has made some powerful enemies who wanted him out of the way.  ‘Lee always said he was a patsy and I believe him. I just cannot reconcile the Lee I knew with being a man who would assassinate the President.’

 It‘s actually kind of amazing Frazier’s been allowed to live this long.

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