15 Pictures Of Real Ghosts That Are Going To Haunt Your Dreams

ghost 1

Here are fifteen pictures, taken throughout the era of photography, that seem to have captured ghosts. Are they real? Trick photography? Light play or a smudge on the lens or film? Who really knows? The picture above was taken nearly a century ago by a photographer in England who was out photographing old farm houses and who nearly fainted when he developed this shot later in his dark room.

ghost 2

If the story above is true, I find it to be more sweet than creepy.

ghost 3

He looks terrified, does he not?

ghost 4

On the stairs is the last place I believe I’d want to bump into an apparition.

ghost 5

Ubber creepy!

ghost 6

That’s certainly one place I’d not want my soul to spend eternity- in an electric chair.

ghost 7

So sad…

ghost 8

This one was taken years ago in an old abandoned mine shaft in Kentucky.

ghost 9

I think I’d be moving!

ghost 10

See the person in the bed? Well, the person who sleeps in the bed took the picture. There was no one in the bed.

ghost 11

Now that is one haunted house!

ghost 12

I think I’d be turning around and heading the other way right about now!

ghost 13

Ghostly sibling rivalry? Creepy!

ghost 15

This one, to me, looks like a slow shutter speed, but you never know.

ghost 16

There’s our ghostly baby again, on the left, but have a look on the right. Do you think the couple in this photo thought they were the only ones sitting for the shot?


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