14 Jade Helm Images You Need To See!


Jade Helm is ramping up.  What started as a few convoys moving “outdated” materiel to supply depots and bone yards is quickly turning into a storm of what looks to be extremely controversial activities and unconstitutional seizures of property.  Are you in the firing line… or in front of it?

Some say this is all just a sham.  At first it was just an internet trend based on a few dozen videos and images of convoys and rail headed equipment.  People said it was all very harmless.  Then Walmart stores started dropping like flies to seizures and buildups.  We were told this had nothing to do with Jade Helm.  Now military officials are saying that it’s real, but it’s really not what it appears to be.  What’s next? Some Colonel or General getting on TV saying that Walmart is letting them use the stores for the operation?  One of the only chain stores in America known nationwide for having firearm departments and nice, comfy safes and lockers for keeping those departments from being robbed?  Perhaps it is to keep civilians from acquiring those firearms.

A news station in Utah has covered an interview with Special Operations Command.  Do you believe them?

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Here are a few photos showing present and incoming chaos:

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  • שמואל אבוקיה


    The secret Hebrew meaning of the words “Jade Helm” is “God’s Hand” (Yad HaElohim). Jade = Yad and Helm is HaELoiM (there are no vowels in the Hebrew Alphabet).
    The words “God’s Hand” appear in the Tanakh (Ancient Testament) to describe future events involving massive elimination of people (1.Samuel 5:11) and the study of these passages reflect the very minds of the people behind Jade Helm…