12-Year-Old Refugees Arrested After Police See What They Did To 3 Women

12 year old refugees arrested

The refugee crisis in Europe is being called a crisis for all the wrong reasons. Oh, it’s a crisis all right, but it’s a crises being caused for the people of Europe by the refugees.

Germany has seen rampant rape on the streets, as has Norway and Sweden. We all know too well that France has borne the brunt of the Muslim terrorist attacks due to the refugees. Gender wise, women have been paying the highest price.

In Islam, as well as all third world countries, despite the predominant religion, women are little more than chattle, and their purpose is to serve and please men. This is instilled in the midset of third world peasants from the time they can draw air. Now, what do you expect happens when you take all these third world peasant males from the Middle East, or Asia, or Africa or South America, and throw them into Western societies, where women have rights. Do you think they care and will respect those rights? If  you do, you are a fool.

Just days ago, three male Syrian refugee children, one twelve, and two thirteen years old, were arrested for jumping on and groping three women in their early twenties while riding a commuter train.

3 women

You see, the mindset of the third world peasant is that if I want it I take it. As they’ll tell you themselves, and as they believe, “when you live in poverty, there is not right or wrong. It’s all about survival.”

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